sorority justice for frat boy scum

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The series is a kitschy Scream Queens meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired satire based on the complexities of toxic masculinity specifically rooted in Greek culture on college campuses. It uses Kappa Force, the secret crime fighting team within a generic sorority, to retaliate against the patriarchy no matter the cost. 

Obviously there are a lot of queer people behind the scenes. Queer romance y/n?

Addison: Oh yeah.

Hannah: But of course. Finally made my dream of directing two men kiss come true. 


chicago reader

Kappa Force uses a small budget to create big action sequences with hits coming from every angle, the heroes dressed in shiny spandex, the villain throwing out comic-book-style quips.

"What was cool about this show in general was there were so many times that things we've always seen on movies or TV or things we've always thought would be so cool to do, we did them," Welever says. "The fight scenes are the perfect example. She's using a quarterstaff to beat up these dudes, and it totally works."


north by northwestern

Kappa Force’s Chicago connections run deep. The series was filmed at Loyola University Chicago, and the soundtrack will feature a number of Chicago-area bands, Heimann said. And of course, the Northwestern connections are strong as well. An alum of NSTV and Vertigo Productions, JJ Phillips (SOC ‘12) plays The Douche. Phillips was a classmate of Heimann’s in the Theatre department and his roommate during Kappa filming.